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2020-2021 Tryout Central

Gunston Soccer is currently developing its plans for the 2020-2021 travel season, including registration and tryouts schedule, club and team fee structures, and payment plan details. For other questions related to the Gunston Soccer travel program, please contact our Club President, David Zatt, at

Gunston Soccer will announce it's 2020-2021 travel season details here and on its social media accounts once the plans are finalized. The remainder of this page will be updated when those plans are announced and therefore is subject to change.

Please note that in order to participate in tryouts you must be registered. Please check back regularly, as this page will be updated frequently over the next weeks. For questions related to the travel program only please contact Club President, David Zatt at For information related to the registration process please email

2020-2021 tryouts are being conducted via virtual tryout.  We will conduct on-field assessments when authorized by the governing bodies. 

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Key Upcoming Dates (Please note dates are approximate)

2020-2021 Tryout to Travel

Start Ends

Tryout Registration






Player Invitations Sent Out



Player Acceptance Due



Scholarship Applications Due



Scholarship Application Review Period



Scholarship Award Notifications Sent Out



Roster/Player Pass Set Up by the Club




2020-2021 Travel Tryout Details 

  • All tryout sessions will be held at MVHS Practice Field
  • Please arrive atleast 20 minutes prior to your tryout time for check in activities
  • You are required to attend atleast 1 of the 2 sessions but prefer you to attend both if at all possible
  • If you can not attend either session please contact David Zatt ( to arrange an alternate tryout time.
  • All participants must wear shin guards and appropriate footwear. Please bring a water bottle and your ball to the session.
  • All jewelry (watches, earrings, bracelets, etc) must be removed prior to participating in the session.
Girls Tryout 1 Time 1 Tryout 2 Time 2 Tryout 3 Time 3
U9 (2012)            
U10 (2011)            
U11 (2010)            
U12 (2009)            
U13 (2008)            
U14 (2007)            
U15 (2006)            
U16 (2005)            
U17 (2004)            
U18/U19 (2003/2002)            
Boys Tryout 1 Time 1 Tryout 2 Time 2 Tryout 3 Time 3
U9 (2012)            
U10 (2011)            
U11 (2010)            
U12 (2009)            
U13 (2008)            
U14 (2007)            
U15/U16 (2006, 2005)            
U16/U17/U18 (2004, 2003, 2002)            


How does the Tryout to Travel Process Work?

The tryout to travel process is a multiple step process. Please click here for step by step help. If you have questions please email us at

2020-2021 Fee Structure

Fees are broken into two categories. These categories are Club Fee and Team Fee. Club fee is a set figure that covers costs that are shared by all participants within the club, and the Team Fees are fees that are specific to the individual team. Team fees will vary and are paid seperately throughout the year. Team fees include the following items: Tournament Player, Coach Travel Expenses for Tournaments and Indoor Winter Futsal or Leagues.

Age Group Club Fee* Initial Payment
U9-U10 Age Groups TBD TBD
U11-U15 Age Groups TBD TBD
U16 and Above Age Groups TBD TBD


* The Club Fee can be paid in a single payment or may be broken down into 7 total payments. The initial payment will be determiend depending on the age group and the remaining payments will be spread out over the next 6 months. This Club Fee does not include the Team Fees. Team Fees will vary by team and be due approximately in these months: July, October, January, and March. These dates may vary depending on a team's tournament schedule. There is also a small service charge ($7) associated with the processing of electronic payments.

Refund Policy

Please see the travel refund policy by clicking here

Scholarship/Financial Aid Applications

Please see the scholarship/financial aid application process by clicking here. All applications must be received no later than 7/17/2020. Applications received after this will not considered for an award. Click here for the Scholarship/Financial Aid Policy and Application.

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